At the Rowlett based Dentist practice, we make it easy for you to choose the right dental practice for you and your family. You can take a tour of our practice to learn more about the many advanced techniques and state-of-the-art technology we will use to help you achieve your smile goals and dreams.
Being up to date with the right technology and training should be something to look for in the right dental practice. At Rowlett Family Dentistry we would be happy to let you consult with our doctors regarding any of your concerns before beginning what we hope to be a long and professional relationship with our doctors and their staff. In as few as two dental appointments,our doctors and their team can give you the smile you always dreamed of.

Digital Xrays
Digital Xrays are images taken digitally and loaded into a computer file especially for a specific patient. The advantages of digital Xray include exposure to lower radiation( only 10% of the radiation of the traditional Xrays.) They can also be enlarged to the full size of the computer screen enabling the doctor to have improved viewing ability for analysis and diagnosis. Our x-rays contain less radiation than your microwave and some cell phones, and can be viewed immediately. No more waiting for the xrays to be developed and put together, this means a quicker response time for everyone.

Intraoral Camera
Intraoral cameras are tiny digital cameras. They fit with ease into your mouth and help your dentist to show you an enlarged image of your smile on a computer screen or monitor. Not only does it help out during diagnosis with clearly defined images that show details that may be missed by standard mirror exams, it can also be an educational tool, allowing you to see the inside of your mouth and confront head on, any problems or review procedures as they progress.

Dental vibe
The instrument is placed at the site of the injection and vibrates at a very high frequency. Most patients have described it as a tickling sensation. This tickling vibration confuses the nerves in the area of the injection and it prevents our patients from feeling the sensation of the injection.
This phenomenon is described by the “Gate Control Theory” of pain transmission. We are delighted that our patients have noticed a significant reduction in what they feel from our injections. We are always striving to make our patients’ experience in our office as comfortable as possible.
When you are in our office, please ask us to show you our DENTAL VIBE and if you do require an injection, it will be our pleasure to show you how helpful it is in making the experience as positive as possible.

Oral Sedation
Our patients return to Rowlett Family Dentistry for their dental needs because of the caring, comfortable atmosphere we provide. For this reason, we have sought out to find a way to make dental treatment relaxing for everyone no matter your fear or concerns.
From a simple cleaning to root canal treatment, sedation dentistry is a way to make any type of appointment less stressful. We are excited to announce the benefits of anxiety free sedation dentistry is now available to our patients!
Sedation dentistry is achieved by using an oral medication and is completely safe. Because there are no IV’s or needles, you can feel confident knowing that dental care won’t begin until we know you are completely relaxed. Most patients say that “the time felt like it flew by” and the following day, can’t even recall their own experience.
Sedation dentistry is ideal for people who put off necessary dental care because of fear. It is also beneficial for those who have very sensitive teeth, a strong gag reflex, or simply want to hurry along complex dental treatment.

Digital Impressions
Digital impressions and CAD/CAM dentistry eliminate mistakes that are fundamental to your dental needs, reducing inaccuracies and helping along the process faster.
Better Oral Care
View each case in amazing detail and eliminate mistakes
Digital files enable better communication with labs for better results
Better Patient Experience
Digital technology transforms the procedure into an interactive, educational experience
Seeing images on screen gives patients a true understanding of their oral situation and what is needed.