When is Tooth Extraction the Best Option?

Losing teeth as a kid is a natural part of growing up. It might have even been celebrated. However, once your permanent teeth come in, you’ll want to do your best to keep them healthy so that you can use and enjoy them for as long as possible. There are occasions, however, when a tooth extraction will become necessary. When these situations arise, your dentists at MiraBella Smiles are available in Cypress, TX to provide you with the quality dental care you’ll need to recover and continue to maintain good oral health.

Why your dentist might recommend tooth extraction

The most common reason for extraction is to take care of impacted wisdom teeth. For most people, the wisdom teeth do not come in properly, if they come in at all. Impacted teeth can cause severe damage or infection, so it’s usually best to take preventative action and remove them.

Options for damaged teeth

It is understandable for you to be hesitant about having a tooth removed, but if your dentist recommends it, you can be sure that other treatments are no longer an option. Your dentist at MiraBella Smiles is knowledgeable and experienced in treating various dental issues, so if you notice a problem, it’s better to have it checked out promptly. At certain stages, treatment is still an option. For example, cavities are normally successfully treated with dental fillings, or if the tooth decay has progressed, by a root canal. However, if the damage becomes too extensive even for a root canal to treat, extraction will be the only option left.

Tooth extraction treatment

There are two types of tooth extraction procedures. During a simple extraction, the tooth is easily visible above the gum line and your doctor can remove it using forceps. A surgical extraction will require your dentist to cut into the gums to access the tooth and remove it. Anesthesia is used for either procedure.

Tooth extraction replacement

There are several options available to replace lost teeth. Dentures, bridges, crowns, and dental implants are all effective for restoring the function and look back to your smile. Of course, each option has its advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important to talk to your dentist about what to choose for your case.

Tooth extraction to preserve your smile

Nobody wants to lose their teeth; in fact, it’s a dentist’s goal to preserve as much natural tooth structure as possible. However, if a decayed, injured, or infected tooth is threatening the health of the rest of the teeth and your overall oral health, the best thing to do is remove it. Your dentist at MiraBella Smiles will thoroughly examine your teeth. If it’s found that an extraction will be needed in Cypress, TX, you can have confidence that you’ll be treated with care.