What You Should Know Before Getting Dental Implants

Losing your first tooth as a child is not as traumatic as is the case with losing your natural tooth as an adult. The reason is that teeth do not grow back when you are an adult. Therefore, it means that you would have to lead the rest of your life without one of your teeth or figure out a different solution that can restore your tooth. Modern dentistry has several tooth replacement solutions like dental implants near you that ensure that every patient has something to bank on, based on their personal preferences.

What Are Dental Implants?

They are oral devices used in restorative dentistry to restore lost teeth. Better than other tooth replacement options, dental implants offer a permanent solution to tooth loss. By the time you are leaving your dentist’s office after the completion of your treatment, you will be ready to lead the rest of your life without ever needing another replacement for your tooth.

Fast Facts About Dental Implants

  • 1. Implants are made from a metal called titanium – to mimic the strength of a natural tooth, dental implants are designed with a metal called titanium which is known for its sturdiness. The other benefit of titanium metal is that it is biocompatible, which makes the integration process of an implant with your jawbone that much easier.
  • 2. The procedure for getting dental implants is surgical – the only way to get a metal post erected in your jawbone is through surgery. Your dentist will have to cut open your gum tissue and drill through your jawbone to create room for the dental implant. For that reason, implantation surgery often involves sedation dentistry to help decrease your discomfort and eliminate any pain that results from such a procedure.
  • 3. Dental implants are not for everyone – just because you have lost one or more of your teeth does not mean that you qualify to receive dental implants in Cypress, TX. Instead, it means that you merit at least a dental exam from a dentist near you to evaluate whether or not you can get dental implants. The reason is that dental implants rely on the health of your oral cavity to be successful. It implies that if your jawbone and gums are not healthy enough, you are not suitable for dental implants in TX.
  • 4. More than one dental surgery may be involved – even though the goal is to receive dental implants, an implantation surgery may not be the only procedure necessary for your treatment. Your dentist will have to examine your oral cavity to determine what kind of treatments are necessary before you receive dental implants. Ideally, if you insist on getting dental implants in Cypress, TX, your dentist may suggest having another type of surgery called bone grafting surgery. This surgery is necessary as a measure to restore the health of your jawbone before receiving an implant.
  • 5. Oral implants do not work independently – ideally, the success of an implantation procedure relies on other oral appliances. Once your dental implant is erected in your jawbone, your dentist needs to get working on another or appliance that will cover the implant. Usually, a dental crown fits this role. However, in other circumstances, a dental bridge or dentures may be used to serve a similar purpose.
  • 6. The treatment takes time – if you decide to go through with the procedure of getting dental implants in Cypress, expect that it is not a quick fix. Far from it, the procedure may take at least three months before it is completed. The period may be longer if you have multiple surgeries that need to be done. For example, if you have to go through a bone grafting surgery first, you will require three to four months for recovery before you are ready for the implantation procedure. After getting implants, you need another three or so months to heal properly before you can receive a permanent dental crown that will cover the implant. In that regard, dental implants in 77433 can last up to one year. However, the result will be worth it.