What Are the Benefits of Having Straighter Teeth?

Do you believe crooked teeth need to be straightened because they are just a cosmetic issue? You probably do not understand the health benefits of straighter teeth that are pretty significant. A set of straight teeth in your mouth can not only contribute to a beautiful smile but it is also great for your dental and overall health.

Malocclusion is a result when your teeth don’t line up properly. Approximately 75% of the population in America is affected by some form of malocclusion which has different varieties. The issue of proximity of the teeth is a problem with crowding and spacing. Malocclusion of other types is in the form of misalignments in the way the teeth come together when biting including crossbite, open bite, deep bite, and excessive overjet.

Misaligned and crooked teeth are dental issues that are quite common but have the potential to create serious problems if left untreated. The situation worsens as time passes by and therefore adopting the steps needed to correct this issue early can save you time, stress, discomfort, and money.

The Health Benefits of Straighter Teeth

Why are misaligned and crooked teeth considered troublemakers? Abnormal stress can be put on your teeth and jaw because of malocclusion to create a wide variety of problems. Your risk of periodontal disease also increases with these problems. On the other hand, straighter teeth are inclined to allow your teeth and jaw to function as designed and easier to maintain. You do not have to be a dental professional to understand the many benefits of having straighter teeth. Let us look at some of the benefits that you will accrue when you decide to have your teeth straightened.

Straighter Teeth Are Long Lasting

A fair amount of pressure is generated by biting and chewing. Properly aligned teeth can handle the pressure without problems but teeth impacted by malocclusion will not be in a similar position. Excessive stress on areas that are not designed to cope with the pressure can be put by biting pressure resulting in premature wearing of the teeth. It can also lead to chipping and abnormal flattening of the biting surface along with fractures on the edges of the teeth. This problem can send you your dentist in search of a remedy under sedation dentistry. The damages while being unattractive will also weaken your teeth and increase your risks to periodontal diseases and the possibility of needing expensive dental work for repairing your smile.

Straighter Teeth Can Help You with Your Overall Health

Straight teeth can make it easy for you to practice effective dental hygiene to remove any bacteria before it can cause a problem. Having straighter teeth also ensures protection to your overall health. Infections that begin in your mouth have the potential to endanger your entire body. The bacteria that attacks the gum tissue travels through the blood vessels to enter your bloodstream. Once it reaches there it can damage your arteries to increase your risk of strokes, heart disease, and other serious health concerns. By taking proper care of your teeth and gums you are helping your entire body maintain its overall health.

Straight Teeth Can Help You to Prevent Periodontal Disease

Straight teeth often make it easier for you to avoid periodontal disease because they are easy to maintain. Crooked and misaligned teeth make it immensely difficult to remove bacteria and the remaining bacteria is the reason for periodontal disease. Periodontal disease is also known as gum disease and is an infection that damages the tissues supporting your teeth. The gums are generally impacted first but the periodontal ligament and the alveolar bone can also be affected. You can experience bleeding when brushing or flossing besides tenderness and redness in the gums in the early stages. As the condition progresses it causes chronic inflammation and damage to the soft tissue. The gums begin to recede if the problem is allowed to purpose unchecked eventually causing bone and tooth loss. This is a good reason for you to understand the benefits of straighter teeth in Cypress, TX.

Your Overall Health Receives Protection from Straight Teeth

Straight teeth make it easier for you to practice effective oral hygiene to remove bacteria that may cause a problem. If you are a regular visitor to your dentist for checkups and examinations your dentist will be able to detect any concerns with your teeth even before providing a routine teeth whitening treatment. When problems are detected early they can also be treated to help your entire body to benefit from overall health.