Want to Know How You Can Survive Your First Week with Invisalign

When you decide to correct the problems with your teeth and smile you will be required to undergo orthodontic treatment because it is the only therapy available to accomplish the changes. If you prefer clear aligners from Invisalign you cannot be under the impression that everything will be fine. Some discomfort can certainly be expected. You may not realize it initially but this article will give you some tips which will help you to overcome the discomfort during the first week. With Invisalign, you won’t have brackets and wires in your mouth but will have clear aligners offering you a discreet method of correcting the problems. Nevertheless, you can expect some discomfort to affect you but by using the tips suggested you can make the treatment comfortable. Read about the six tips we are providing you:

1) Protecting Your Tongue

Clear aligners have plastic edges that can irritate you. Early in the journey as well as at the beginning of the new aligner trays you will experience sores in your mouth before it begins to toughen up. You should be learning how to use dental wax to cover the edges to accelerate the toughening. Taking a small pinch of wax, rolling it into shape between clean fingers and applying it to the areas that are bothering you is a good technique. If this trick doesn’t help you or you have a jagged section on the retainer your orthodontist will be able to file them down for you.

You can also consider keeping a bottle of mouthwash that contains peroxide with you as it is specially formulated to treat oral irritations during orthodontic therapy. Have it in your medicine cabinet to overcome the issues bothering you.

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2) Treat the Pain Comfortably

Forcing your teeth into their ideal position is the job of clear aligners. Honestly, many people will experience pain in their teeth and jaws. It is recommended that chewing exercises be performed a few times every day and every time the aligners are reinserted into the mouth. Not only that the exercise helps your teeth track as discussed with your orthodontist during the treatment plan but can also provide relief from the pain.

3) When Reinserting the Aligners Use Movements

Exercising is not always convenient for your busy day. However, if you decide to choose movemints that have been created as an alternative to other solutions like suction tips or ballpoint pens you will find movemints as a suitable alternative for chewy’s that were earlier been recommended. Movemints taste great and can be had with the aligners in the mouth.

4) Make a Note of Your Wear Time

Invisalign treatment requires that you have the aligners in your mouth for 22 hours despite the difficulties you may face wearing the aligners. They are removable and could, therefore, encourage you to remove them. However, you need to keep track of how long the aligners remain in your mouth and doing so manually will be difficult. Therefore it is suggested that you use apps that have been designed specifically for this purpose besides having extra aligners with you at all times to safeguard yourself from the problem of missing or losing your clear aligners.

5) Always Remove Your Aligners Safely.

When you try to remove the clear braces of Invisalign treatment remove them in a safe and sanitary manner. You can use an appliance designed for this purpose because the trays will become tighter as the treatment progresses making it necessary for you to have the appliances in your backpack.

6) Your Trays Must Be Clear and Clean

Many patients have been noticed cheating during the treatment process and often stating that the aligners were removed to maintain their teeth whitening routine because they noticed stains on the trays. It is suggested that nothing but water can be had with the aligners in the mouth. It is recommended that the aligners be cleaned during the last few hours of the day before replacing them in the mouth again.

When starting the journey of improving the smile it is essential to establish a personal routine that can be maintained regularly. Incorporate these Invisalign tips suggested by orthodontists in Cypress, Tx, into your lifestyle because these habits are essential to prevent the pain from Invisalign aligners for achieving your ideal smile.

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