According to Dr.Marneni of Rowlett family dental Dallas, after treatment for periodontal disease with scaling and root planing or surgery, the work is not over. Bacteria that cause the disease do not go away completely. If your gums respond well to the initial treatment, we must work to preserve the health of the gums, to prevent gum disease from returning and continuing its destructive course. We do this with periodontal maintenance therapy (perio maintenance). Discussing about Perio maintenance Dr. Marneni says, it is a process in which we monitor gum health, remove plaque and calculus, and plan our strategy to promote a favorable outcome in the fight against tooth loss”.

Periodontal maintenance consists of periodic removal of bacterial plaque and calculus from both above and beneath the gum line in patients who have undergone treatment for periodontal disease (periodontitis). This procedure is instituted following periodontal therapy and continues at varying intervals, determined by clinical evaluation.  It includes removal of the bacterial plaque and calculus resulting polishing the teeth.

The interval varies according to the severity of a patient’s periodontal condition, and their ability to perform appropriate oral hygiene to manage the disease. Your dentist and dental hygienist are the most qualified individuals to counsel you on an appropriate periodontal maintenance interval. Dr. Marneni says, “it is usually performed on a two to four-month interval so that removal of bacterial colonies can be completed before they become sizable and aggressive enough to cause more damage to the patient’s periodontal tissues”.

Explaining about the  Periodontal (gum) diseases Dr. Marneni says, “periodontal disease is a chronic bacterial infection that affects the gums and bone supporting your teeth. It can be prevented or easily treated if discovered early, but left untreated gum disease can lead to tissue, bone and tooth loss”.Dr.Marneni also says, “a number of studies suggest that gum disease may also be associated with more serious health problems such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke”.

By visiting the dentist regularly to receive the preventive care you need, you may be able to save the time, money and discomfort associated with gum disease treatment and other more extensive procedures.

Adding information to gum diseases Dr. Marneni says that Periodontitis is not curable, but is treatable, and with active management may be controlled indefinitely. Once there has been damage to the gum tissues and tooth supporting (alveolar) bone from periodontal bacteria, periodontitis must be actively managed by dental professionals to avoid progression of the disease, and loss of the teeth. Dr. Marneni adds Periodontal maintenance is only performed on patients who have been diagnosed with, and treated for periodontal disease.

Perio maintenance procedure is not the same treatment as a regular cleaning even though a hygienist may perform both services. After a patient has been treated for periodontal disease, either with root planning or surgery, a standard cleaning addresses scaling and polishing above the gumline, a person who has periodontal diseases requires below gum level maintenance. Hygienist of OakHeights family dental Dallas says as in many other chronic conditions, successful long-term control of the disease and prevention of the tooth loss depends on continual and possibly lifetime maintenance.

Important advantages of perio maintenance:

  • Tartar or bacteria plaque grown at the above and below gumline leads to certain periodontal problems if not may be impossible to complete removal of bacteria and deposits from gum pockets even by regular brushing and flossing. The experienced eye of a dentist using specialized dental equipment is needed in order to spot and treat problems.
  • Maintenance can rid the yellowing and unsightly stains on teeth.
  • Periodontal disease is often signified by persistent bad breath (halitosis). The removal of calculus, plaque and bacteria improves breath and alleviates irritation.

Advising on intervals of maintenance. Marneni says, “Perio maintenance is recommended every three to four months. Frequent removal of the bacteria from under the gumline can control the inflammation and can often prevent the futhur breakdown of the bone and gum supporting your teeth”. Dr. Marneni also suggests though dental diseases cannot be completely reversed, Perio maintenance is one process that dentists can use to effectively halt its destructive progress.


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