Root Canal Rowlett & Garland:

root canal imageRoot Canals are one of the more common procedures we perform.  The Root Canal procedure is not as unpleasant as many patients believe it would be when they first come for their consultation.  When performed by a root canal specialist, that performs many of these procedures a year, it is virtually painless.  If you have a had a dental filling before the discofort is about the same level as a dental filling procedure.

Your teeth have three layers the enamel, the dentin and pulp.  The procedure is typically performed under local anesthetic.  The root canal is designed to save the tooth by removing the infected pulp inside your tooth chamber and root canal and the nerve.  This area is carefully cleaned, medicated and permanently sealed.  In some cases a dental crown may be needed your dentist will discuss this option with you if necessary.  The sooner you address this problem the better chance you have of saving the infected tooth.

If properly performed, and under normal circumstances, a root canal-treated tooth can last you a lifetime.


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