Dental Crowns Rowlett & Garland:

dental crown imageDental Crowns are a cosmetic dental procedure utilized for tooth-shape restorations that are designed to cover the entire portion of the tooth to restore its strength and usability.  If you have a tooth that is weakened by decay or simply damaged you most likely could benefit from dental crowns. Dental Crowns can usually be fitted in two visits to our office.

During your first visit our dental crowns expert will examine your tooth and X-Rays will be taken to check the tooth, the roots and the bone surrounding the tooth.  You will receive a local anesthetic and the tooth will be shaped to make room for the dental crown.  In many cases a filling material is used to help support the tooth and crown.  Our dental crown expert will then recommend a porcelain-fused-to-metal-crown or a porcelain crown.

Once the tooth is prepared a dental impression is made and sent to the dental laboratory where it is designed and created.  In the mean time you will be fitted with a temporary crown to protect you tooth while you wait for your permanent crown to be delivered.  Our office will call you when your new crown arrives and schedule your second appointment.  The new Dental Crown will be fitted to your tooth and fitted for a proper bite and will make adjustment till it fits perfectly.
It is important to maintain your dental health after receiving a dental crown to ensure the teeth below remain healthy.
If you are considering a dental crown call our specialist today to discuss your situation at 972-475-3429