Reasons for Choosing Dental Implants and Its Risks

Dental implants are structures that are put in place of a missing tooth. Missing teeth can be a result of decay, gum disease, or aging. A screw made of titanium is fused with the jawbone, which acts as an anchor for the artificial tooth.

People with tooth loss experience are at a high risk of getting diabetes, kidney, or heart disease, necessitating the need for teeth replacements. Dental implants are a common alternative to dentures. They are preferred to dentures for functionality and cosmetic reasons.

Theinstallation process takes several months. For you to have the implant inserted, a dental professional must first confirm that you are a viable candidate for this procedure.

The procedure might also involve the removal of the tooth that is damaged. When the implant has been placed, the surrounding tissues and your jaw are going to need time to heal. The healing takes about six to twelve weeks.

After healing your oral surgeon, periodontitis, or dentist will check to ensure that it has properly healed before attaching the new tooth. The procedure is done under local anesthetic. You can take a painkiller to get rid of any discomfort that may be experienced after the procedure.

Implants need to be well taken care of and accompanied by regular dental visits so that they last a long time. Visit any dentist near you to get further consultation about your dental implants.

Reasons to Choose Dental Implants

  • They appear like natural teeth

Patients cannot identify the difference between artificial and natural teeth since they do not change their normal activities. You will still be able to eat, floss, and brush in the same manner. Natural teeth have roots for anchorage, while implantsuse a metal post that acts as its anchor.The latter come in different sizes and shapes depending on your teeth color.

  • Dental implants last for a long time

You can use them for a lifetime. The implant is bio-compatible; therefore, it will not be rejected by your body and is non-toxic. Some tooth replacement options like bridgework and dentures might requirechanging with time, makingimplants the betterchoice.

  • Prevents bone loss

Tooth loss is normally followed by bone loss. Bone is a tissue that requires stimulation constantly to reconstruct itself and be healthy. In case of a tooth loss, the bone beneath starts to resorb, or it may melt away. This can make your face appear aged, and if it is not treated after some time, it exposes the jaws to fractures. Dental implants stop this process since it fuses with the jawbone and stabilizes it.

  • It is safe for the neighboring natural teeth

Implants have zero effects on the neighboring teeth’s health, unlike some tooth replacement methods that can weaken the adjacent teeth. With dentures, they rely on the next teeth for support; therefore, the teeth may become loose with time. Dental implants, on the other hand,don’t need support from the adjacent teeth.

  • Dental implants are easy to care of

Taking care of implant teeth isthe same as taking care of your natural teeth. You are required to brush and floss daily. It is very unlikely for dental implants to have decay, but they can be attacked by gum disease. Regular professional cleaning at the dentist’s office and good oral hygiene are recommended to ensure that your implants last for a long time and to prevent any gum diseases.

  • It restores the biting force

Titanium posts act as the implants’ roots allowing chewing with the same force you would use with natural teeth.

Risks of Dental Implants

  • The implant site may be infected
  • The surrounding structures like blood vessels or teeth may be injured
  • Nerve damage

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