Propel Orthodontics and Its Advantages

A beautiful smile can boost your confidence and lift your self-esteem. A crooked tooth can spoil a good interview, and a properly aligned tooth is something that can give you the extra advantage. Apart from chewing and biting your food, the teeth have an array of other functions. Without the teeth, your words would have slurred inside the mouth. Thus, teeth help to talk distinctly and have aesthetic value.

What is Orthodontic Dentistry?

In the last decade or two, dentistry has taken a giant leap. Crooked or misaligned teeth can be dangerous apart from spoiling your aesthetic value. Misaligned teeth might cause cuts inside the oral cavity and tongue. Such repeated cuts might lead to oral cancer and ulcers.

Orthodontics is a specialized dentistry branch that focuses on the diagnoses, prevention, and corrective measures of misaligned teeth, mispositioned jawbones, or misaligned bite patterns. Orthodontic dentists can also treat Dentofacial orthopedics or facial growth.

Orthodontic care involves using dental prostheses as braces, Invisalign, or dentures to correct the misaligned bite. In severe cases, surgery might also be administered to correct the position of jawbones.

What is Propel Orthodontics?

Modern dentistry focuses on speedy treatment. Propel is a revolutionary orthodontic prosthesis or device that is proven to accelerate your orthodontic treatment. The propel works in unison with the patient’s biology and stimulates the facial bones surrounding the teeth to heal quickly.

Generally, braces, Invisalign, or clear aligners consume a long time to straighten crooked teeth or descend the misaligned bite. Moreover, the aligners need to be changed regularly at fixed intervals or better results. The device performs micro-osteoperforations, which accelerates the teeth movement, and bone regrowth is improved.

How Does Propel Work?

The orthodontic processes work to remodel the teeth and ensures the straightening of the teeth. The teeth take a long time to reposition, and the dental prosthesis needs to be changed repeatedly to achieve the desired results.

Several reasons influence the duration of shifting of your teeth. The teeth are supported by soft tissues in gums and periodontal membranes, and the tough tissues are formed by alveolar bone. Orthodontic prostheses apply gentle yet steady pressure on both the hard and soft tissues, and the teeth start to shift its position. As the jaw bone remodels, the teeth can shift to its original position, but it takes a long time.

The propelling device makes minute perforation of pinholes in the jawbones surrounding the teeth and instigates the natural inflammatory response. In turn, the inflammation stimulates and accelerates the release of cells that are involved in the breakdown of the bone. Thus, bone remodeling and tooth movement is accelerated. If you reside in Cypress, TX, and look for propel orthodontics near you, Mirabella Smiles can be your choice.

The thought of pinholes in your jawbones might sound terrifying, but propel is gentle, and the discomfort during the process of propelling is minimal. Propel Orthodontics near Katy, TX, can also use local anesthesia, in the beginning, to wade off the tension.

Is Propel Safe?

Propel has been identified as a class II medical device for orthodontics and is declared safe by the American Medical Association. Propel ensures faster orthodontic treatment, is effective and comfortable. Propel can also be used in collaboration with braces, clear aligners, and is clinically proven to be safe.

Benefits of Propel

Mirabella Smiles can be your dental clinic for propel orthodontics in 77433, and propel numerous advantages:

  • Shifts teeth to the right alignment without metal hardware.
  • Reduces the number of visits to the dentist.
  • Unlike clear aligners, there are no restrictions on the food and drink you consume.
  • You can lead a normal lifestyle without changing your current brushing and flossing habit.
  • Stimulates faster bone development.
  • Comfortable mode of treatment.
  • Quick recovery and minimum healing time.
  • Propel device is compact and travel-friendly.

Visiting the Dentist

You cannot start using the propel without the guidance and advice of the orthodontic dentist. If you look for propel Orthodontics in Cypress, TX, or Propel Orthodontics near Katy, TX, Mirabella Smiles can be your choice. Winner of Houston’s Top Dentist award, 2017, we offer free dental examination and x-ray for all the new patients. We are dedicated to providing maximum comfort and compressive dental care at flexible financing. You can book an appointment and experience the difference.