Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) and How It’s Changing Dentistry

Dental surgery can have a long-lasting bleeding effect on the gums. Many patients are subject to this uncomfortable state for the length of their recovery. However, modern advances in hematology have proved effective in counteracting excessive bleeding after dental procedures. This infusion of dental and medical technology has proved to be a revolutionary factor in dentistry.

Fun Facts About Blood

  • Blood is actually clear in color. It is given its color by the red blood cells, hemoglobin and other vitamins in the bloodstream.
  • Platelets are found in the bone marrow, and they live for about 6 days before dying. Their primary job is to clot blood to promote healing.
  • In any one given ounce of blood, there can be a total of 150 billion red blood cells.
  • The human body manufactures 17 million red blood cells per second!

What is PRF?

Platelets are our bodies healing factor, they cover scratches, fresh wounds and allow for all-around regeneration of our cells. Platelet Rich Fibrin is a natural product of our blood that is responsible for the regeneration of soft and hard tissues. A French doctor first introduced the concept of PRF when he realized its potential for facial surgery healing.

How is PRF done?

  • A small amount of blood is extracted from the patient.
  • Those elements in the blood are then separated by a centrifuge (white blood cells, red blood cells, and platelets).
  • The separated cells are then fortified and then injected back into the patient’s body.
  • In some cases, the mixture is injected directly into the missing tooth socket.
  • As a result, healing is dramatically sped up.

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