Myths About Root Canal Treatment

Experiencing a chronic toothache? Notice your tooth feels sensitivity to temperature or sensitivity? You may be in need of root canal treatment in Cypress, TX! At MiraBella Smiles we are proud to offer root canal therapy for our patients suffering from a decayed, infected or even damaged tooth root that are interested in experiencing relief and preventing additional dental issues.

About Our Cypress Root Canal Treatment

When the root of a tooth becomes decayed, damaged or infected, patients typically experience quite a bit of discomfort and pain. The goal of root canal treatment is to reduce symptomology and prevent the problem from advancing even further. During treatment, your endodontist in Cypress will create a tiny hole in your tooth to thoroughly clean and disinfect the tooth root. Once disinfected the tooth will be sealed, and a dental crown will be recommended to provide additional support and protection.

Common Root Canal Myths

Root Canal Treatment is Painful

When it comes to root canal therapy, it is actually a pretty quick and painless procedure, many patients report that the discomfort and pain prior to treatment is far worse than even the recovery period. During treatment, a local anesthetic is used to ensure your treatment is as comfortable as possible.

Root Canal Therapy Can Make You Sick

This little myth has existed for over a century due to scientific research that has been proven completely false since. Neglecting to address a decayed, infected or damaged tooth, however, can result in sepsis, a potentially fatal infection of the blood.

Tooth Removal is a Better Option

Completely wrong! When it comes to dental care, keeping a natural tooth is always the best option if possible. In specific situations where a tooth extraction must be performed, it is recommended to immediately replace the missing tooth.

Root Canal Treatment Kills the Tooth

Due to the fact many patients lose sensitivity in the affected tooth for a few days following treatment, this myth has become quite popular. Root canal treatment, however, does not kill the tooth at all.

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