Invisalign Clear Aligner Has Changed Orthodontic Treatment Forever

Many people seek orthodontic treatments from orthodontists getting metal brackets and wires in their mouths to straighten their malformed or poorly positioned teeth. It is well known that people dislike ungainly-looking braces but bear with them thinking it is the only method to correct the dental imperfections in their mouths.

Things changed forever in 1997 when Invisalign introduced the transparent aligner system to straighten teeth without needing metal brackets and wires. Invisalign also introduced another concept of removable aligners hitherto unavailable from orthodontists.

Now people seeking treatments to correct flaws with their teeth no longer need to approach orthodontists specializing in straightening teeth but can contact Invisalign in cypress, TX, a preferred provider of Invisalign.

What Were the Changes Introduced by Invisalign?

First of all, Invisalign introduced clear aligners fitting snugly over the teeth and remaining virtually invisible. The orthodontic treatment from Invisalign is available from dentists providing an Invisalign clear aligner near me.

People using Invisalign clear aligners in cypress and globally can remove the aligners from their teeth when eating, drink, brush, and floss. So long as people keep the aligners on their teeth for 22 hours a day, they can continue to benefit from the transparent aligner system to straighten their teeth faster than traditional orthodontic treatments.

If you need corrections for mild to moderate problems of underbites, overbites, crossbites, open bites, gaps between your teeth, crowded, and crooked teeth, you can contact Invisalign clear aligner in 77433 to have your condition assessed for suitability of the treatment.

If you are deemed suitable, the Invisalign provider takes a series of images to map out your new smile. The images are captured using an iTero element scanner providing 6000 images per second. The scanner allows you to customize your treatment in conjunction with the provider.

Invisalign has eliminated the concerns of developing tooth decay or gum disease by having metal brackets and wires on the teeth. As the aligners are removable, people could easily remove them from their teeth to maintain proper oral hygiene and remain free from the concerns of additional dental treatments at the end of their orthodontic therapy.

What Happens After the Initial Assessment?

After your assessment, Invisalign clear aligner in TX provides the images the manufacturers to custom design your personalized aligners. You receive your first set of aligners in a couple of weeks with instructions to begin wearing them on your teeth for 20 to 22 hours a day. The aligners are customized to remain on your teeth for two to three weeks, after which replacements are sent from the manufacturers. The complexity of your situation determines how many sets of aligners you need to complete your treatment. However, if you adhere to the provider’s instructions, your treatment is likely to complete within 18 to 24 months.

The Invisalign clear aligner system is not accompanied by metal brackets or wires, eliminating the need for monthly adjustments from orthodontists. As you receive aligner replacements every two weeks, you merely replace the current aligner on your teeth with a new set. The sequence continues for the duration of your treatment. However, don’t assume dental visits are also eliminated because you must see the Invisalign provider, a qualified dentist, every six to eight weeks to assess your progress. During your appointments with the Invisalign provider, you can also pick up your fresh batch of aligners.

Why Did Invisalign Introduce Clear Aligners?

After years of research and collecting information about how many people dislike traditional orthodontic treatments and preferred to live with dental flaws, Invisalign developed alternative orthodontic treatment adults could use to straighten teeth. Initially, Invisalign targeted adults that had for some reason failed to have their dental problems corrected during childhood.

Presently Invisalign also provides Invisalign Go. This is another orthodontic treatment specifically designed for teenagers conscious about their smiles and embarrassed to wear traditional braces. Invisalign Go delivers faster results, with treatments completed in about a year instead of 18 to 24 months. Currently, nearly 20 percent of adults and 1.4 million teenagers in the US have already straightened their teeth with the Invisalign transparent aligner system.

Users of Invisalign clear aligners must understand the requirement to stick by the manufacturer’s stipulations and let their aligners remain on their teeth for the timeline specified if they intend to achieve the desired results. Any compromise on the timetable can delay the treatment results or extend the duration of time to complete the treatment. So long as users stay by the Invisalign provider and the manufacturer’s stipulations, they get to enjoy better-looking teeth and a beautiful smile without undergoing the embarrassment of having metal brackets and wires on their teeth.