How You Can Restore Missing Teeth Using Dentures

When you lose some of your teeth, facial muscles sag, and the adjacent teeth become unstable. It would help if you had dentures to restore your facial appearance and regain your dental structure. The cosmetic appliances resemble your natural teeth, and they restore your confident smile.

If you have lost your permanent teeth due to periodontal diseases, injuries, or tooth decay, dentures are ideal. You can restore your missing teeth using dentures near you, and restore your natural teeth functionalities. Your dental health practitioner will determine the type of denture that suits your dental state.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are artificial appliances that are custom-made to replace your missing teeth. Full dentures can be used to replace all teeth, and partial dentures replace a few. They are designed to fit your mouth correctly and are friendly to your oral tissues.

Dentures are made from a resin material, and they require proper care to serve you for long. A new set of denture is used to replace the old ones after a few years, to ensure proper oral hygiene. Regular dental exams are vital in checking the condition of your dentures. The cosmetic appliances are held by a supporting structure that’s resin-made, and it resembles your natural gum line.

How to Take Care of Your Dentures

Dentures are easily damaged, and you need to handle them with care. It would be suitable if you clean your dentures regularly with water and other recommended solutions. The following practices are vital in the preservation of dentures:

  • Soak and brush them regularly to remove any food particles that may stick on them. It’s vital in the removal of stains and plaque.
  • Visit your dentist if you identify stains on your dentures for cleaning.
  • Use non-abrasive cleaners to scrub dentures, and avoid using toothpaste, which may form grooves on their surfaces.
  • Brush the denture surfaces entirely to ensure the surfaces that are attached to your gums are infection-free.
  • Remove dentures from your mouth while you sleep, unless your hygienist recommends it.

Types of Dentures

Dentures are categorized based on the number of teeth that need replacement and the structure that supports them. The various types of dentures include:

  • Partial Dentures used when the adjacent natural teeth are weak and can’t support other dental structures, including dental bridges. They replace one or more missing teeth. They are removable during cleaning and eating.
  • Full Dentures replace all of your missing natural teeth. They are fitted on your gum line and held by suction.
  • A dental implant anchors Implant-supported dentures.
  • Immediate Dentures are created before the replacement of your teeth. They are used after an extraction procedure is done to facilitate the healing process. The dentures are easily refitted to accommodate for mouth changes, including jaw subsides, and swelling while you heal. Immediate dentures are replaced with permanent ones after healing.

Dentures near Jersey Village, TX are used upon a closer dental examination, to determine whether they are ideal for your missing teeth replacements.

How Long Can Dentures Serve You?

Dentures can serve you for about five years if they are correctly maintained. Ensure you regularly visit your dental care specialist for check-ups to ensure they suitably fit. Poorly fitting dentures can lead to bone shrinkage. Denture liners are used to refit the denture surfaces into your oral tissues.

You can undergo minor repair of your dentures with a few appointments. If your dental health practitioner identifies denture flaws, a repair can be done. The use of dentures can be prolonged if you follow your hygienist’s guidelines on their use.

Having Dentures in Cypress, TX

At Mirabella Smiles, we utilized advanced techniques to provide you with exceptional dental care. We use cosmetic dentures to transform your smile and restore your natural teeth functionalities. Our state of art dentistry near you offers restorative, cosmetic, and preventive

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During a smile makeover appointment, our experienced cosmetic dentists examine your dental state and come up with an ideal solution. We use partial, full, or implant dentures depending on your dental condition.

Please make an appointment with our team and discover the vital role of cosmetic dentures for your oral health. Dentures in Cypress, TX are reliable for your missing permanent teeth, and you can have them easily today!