How Long Does It Take to Adjust to Invisalign?

If you want to straighten your misaligned or crooked teeth, Invisalign in Cypress has emerged as a popular option as they are esthetically appealing as well as offer quick results. Invisalign is a proven method of orthodontics, which can help patients in enjoying straight and beautiful teeth. The Invisalign is almost invisible, which makes it less embarrassing for adults and teenagers.

A Quick Review of Invisalign

Invisalign is a popular brand name for clear orthodontic aligners, which can straighten and reposition teeth just like traditional orthodontic treatment. However, it doesn’t make use of wires and brackets. Invisalign is a good choice for adults and teens wanting to get their teeth straight, but avoiding the embarrassment of brackets and wires. Unlike the traditional orthodontic treatment, it takes only a year for the treatment.

Adjusting to Your Aligners

You must know that the Invisalign aligners needs to be worn for at least 22 hours a day daily. You should only remove them for brushing, flossing and having your meal. The clear trays make it easy to follow your daily routine. Though you may need some time to adjust with the trays, you will be comfortable with them sooner than later. The soreness and tenderness will go away in a few days. You can also take OTC medications for alleviating the discomfort.

Helpful Tips for Increasing Comfort

Most patients get used to their Invisalign aligners quite soon. In spite of the discomfort, it is important to wear the aligners for at least 22 hours a day. Here’s a look at some tips to make your experience as positive and comfortable as possible.

  • Use a dental wax when needed. It helps in protecting gum tissues from irritation caused by new aligner.
  • When you are not wearing the trays, it is important to keep them in the protective case for preventing from damage.
  • You must clean your aligners daily at least once. It is recommended to invest in cleaning products that ensures Invisalign trays remain clean and bacteria-free during the entire length of your orthodontic treatment.