How Is an Emergency Dentist Different from a Regular Dentist?

Dentists throughout the country receive training to provide dental services needed by patients, whether for emergencies or routine dental care. However, emergency dentists operate differently and make their services available beyond office hours and even on holidays.

Emergency dentistry is not a dental specialty. Instead, it is a voluntary service offered by dentists who know that emergencies can occur without warning and need prompt treatment to alleviate pain and bleeding and possibly save a tooth.

Not every dental problem needs assistance from an emergency dentist. However, if you are dealing with one also offering emergency services, you may receive treatment for dental issues affecting you or your family on priority when you visit the dentist in Cypress, TX, with your dental situation.

What Is an Emergency Dentist?

An emergency dentist is a dental professional graduating from dental school after receiving four years of training. Emergency dentists also receive training to care for severe and unexpected dental situations arising from knocked-out teeth, bleeding chipped or cracked teeth, and fractured jaws.

Generally, emergency dentists are located in dental practices offering emergency dental care in Cypress, TX, where the professional treats patients needing immediate attention for injuries to their mouth and jaw.

Emergency Dentists Vs. General Dentists: What’s the Difference?

Almost 80 percent of dentists in America are general dentists that begin practicing soon after graduating from dental school. General dentists treat patients of all ages, including children and the elderly. The treatments they offer include routine dental exams and cleanings, restorations like fillings or crowns, orthodontic care, aesthetic treatments to improve the appearance of teeth, and orthodontic therapies to straighten crooked and misaligned teeth.

General dentists work according to predetermined times and are generally unavailable beyond 5 PM or on holidays. In addition, general dentists are also busy and have a long list of patients waiting to see them making it challenging to digress and attend to emergencies. However, they are not incapable of treating emergencies and take a compassionate view of patients arriving with difficult dental situations to provide emergency care if required by patients.

Emergency dentists receive additional training in mastering emergency services. However, they also graduate from dental school, and the dentist near you providing emergency services will be capable of providing general dental care. In addition, they might prefer providing emergency care beyond office hours and on weekends when other dentists spend quality time with their families. Therefore the services offered by emergency dentists are voluntary after considering patient needs and unexpected incidences that might occur at night or need prompt treatment without wasting time.

Whenever you need routine dental care, it helps if you contact a nearby dentist to evaluate your teeth and gums and provide any treatments required. Unfortunately, emergency dentists are occupied attending to patients with severe injuries or infections, putting their dental health at risk or making them prone to receiving intensive treatments. While general and emergency dentists offer treatments for dental issues, the latter are accustomed to meeting patients on demand and even setting aside time from their hectic schedules to prevent discomfort and preserve their teeth and oral health.

If a young and elderly family member needs treatment for a dental situation, you find it beneficial to discuss the problem with a general dentist managing young and elderly patients besides adults. Similarly, if your spouse needs aesthetic improvements to their teeth to complement their smile, the general dentist near you is the professional to visit instead of an emergency dentist.

Unfortunately, if you have managed to knock out a tooth from impacts on your mouth, you find it helpful to visit an emergency dentist with the tooth to have it reinserted in its socket. In such situations, you must receive treatment for the condition within 30 minutes, making driving down to a general dentist impractical. The problem confronting you demands therapy within a specific timeline making it imperative that you see an emergency dentist to preserve your tooth instead of losing it.

Emergency dentists are professionals willing to offer services whenever patients request during the day or night and even on holidays, which regular dentists may not offer. In addition, regular dentists sometimes don’t provide emergency dentistry because they are too busy with their patients. Therefore although the professions are not different, and neither is the training, the professionals work in other areas to ensure patients receive essential dental care whenever required for routine or emergency purposes.

Whether you need regular or emergency dental care, Mirabella Smiles — Cypress, TX, provides the services required without making you wait in a queue. Kindly do not hesitate to consult the practice with dental situations concerning you or your family member to receive prompt treatment from an experienced dentist.