Get Shapelier Smile With Gumline Contouring

When we think about the way our smile looks, the only thing we consider is the teeth and how white are they looking. However, when it comes to achieving a healthy and beautiful smile, it has got more to do than teeth says Cypress dentist. Your gums also impact the way your smile looks. Receding gum line or gums resting high on your teeth affect your appearance and also make you vulnerable to gum diseases.

Though many people know how to change the appearance of their teeth, not many are aware of how to change the appearance and health of their gum.

What is gum contouring?

Also, known as gum reshaping, the contouring removes or adds gum tissues to the natural gum line which results in a better symmetry for your smile. The gum contouring can either be performed alone or along with cosmetic dental procedures so that you can a smile makeover.

What happens during a gum contouring procedure?

Before the contouring procedure is done, the gums are accessed for identifying the right way for reshaping the gum line so that aesthetic results are achieved. The gum tissue will be removed from another area of the mouth such as the roof of the mouth and attached to the gum line with stitches.

On the other hand, if your gum tissues extend too far, the dentist will carefully remove the gum tissue for creating a natural looking gum line which exposes more of your tooth and improve its appearance. The excess gum is removed either using a incising instrument or laser.

Is gum contouring painful?

Most of the gum contouring procedures is performed using dental sedation and the type of sedation depends on the extent of procedure and other factors. While for some patients, the oral anesthesia will work, others may require deep sedation with IV. Deep sedation usually makes you sleep through the procedure so the patient doesn’t even have the memory of the procedure. According to dentist near TX 77433, the pain management techniques make sure that you don’t feel much pain during the procedure and stay comfortable.