Stop Hiding Your Smile

Learn about cosmetic dentistry in Rowlett, TX

Rowlett Family Dentistry is a cosmetic dentistry practice in Rowlett, Texas. We use the latest, safest technology to improve our patients' smiles. If your teeth show stains from tobacco or coffee, you're going to love our teeth whitening services. Get a smile that will leave you feeling confident.

You can set up teeth whitening services in Rowlett, TX by calling our office now. A cosmetic dentist or licensed dental hygienist will remove stains, leaving your teeth pearly white.

Explore our other cosmetic dentistry procedures

Explore our other cosmetic dentistry procedures

Teeth whitening services aren’t the only way we can transform your smile. Come to us for crowns, veneers and metal-free fillings. We can create biocompatible fillings or replace your old silver fillings. Our fillings are…

  • Safe: Rowlett Family Dentistry is a mercury-free zone. Instead, we use composite resin fillings, which don’t discolor your teeth.
  • Strong: You won’t need to worry about cracked or loose fillings when you choose our dentist office.
  • Attractive: Your filling will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your tooth—no more metal fillings!

Your comfort is our top priority during every procedure. Schedule your cosmetic dentistry appointment today by calling 972-475-3429. You can also visit our Invisalign page to learn about our teeth straightening procedures.