Cosmetic Dentistry: Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

Are you considering cosmetic dentistry to solve the dental problems you have had for a long time? The good news is that cosmetic dentistry has many treatments and procedures you can choose to help improve the appearance of your smile.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry encompasses dental procedures and treatment protocols that can alter the appearance of teeth. The procedures are geared toward improving the aesthetics of a smile. It means that they can target any part of the oral cavity.

The most common dental procedures in cosmetic dentistry focus on the appearance of teeth. The process, therefore, will entail:

  • 1. Teeth contouring or reshaping
  • 2. Teeth whitening or bleaching
  • 3. Teeth alignment or spacing

However, cosmetic dental procedures can target other aspects of your mouth like your gums, even though they are not as common. The procedures to improve the appearance of your gums involve surgery to either reduce or increase the height of the gums on display when you smile.

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry in Cypress, TX, comprises multiple approaches and techniques that can meet varying patients’ needs. The common types of cosmetic dentistry are:

  • 1. Teeth whitening – happens to be among the simplest type of cosmetic procedures in dentistry. It involves using dental breaches and whitening products to remove stains and discoloration on teeth.
  • 2. Composite bonding – involves attaching composite resin to teeth to improve their appearances. Composite bonding is a great solution for teeth contouring, whitening, and spacing.
  • 3. Dental veneers – are porcelain, shell-like, oral appliances that restore the appearance of teeth by covering the flaws on the front surface. Veneers fix the front side of teeth only, making them more suitable for front teeth restorations. Veneer teeth serve similar roles as composite bonding but are sturdier and longer-lasting.
  • 4. Dental crowns – are alternatives to dental veneers. Instead of covering the front surface only, crowns encapsulate the entire tooth. As such, tooth crowns are more versatile for restoring all your teeth, not just the front ones.
  • 5. Dentures – are multiple artificial teeth with a gum-like base that replace missing teeth. Dentures are suitable for replacing multiple missing teeth in a row instead of a single tooth at a time.
  • 6. Onlays and inlays – are indirect tooth fillings to repair and restore gaps in teeth. Onlays and inlays are perfect for restoring the back teeth following dental cavities and tooth decay.
  • 7. Dental implants – are titanium metal posts that restore tooth roots to replace missing teeth. Dental implants, however, must be used alongside other oral materials like dental crowns, dentures, or dental bridges.
  • 8. Gum reduction surgery – entails surgical measures to reduce the gum tissue that shows when you smile. A gummy smile can make your teeth look smaller and shorter than they are.

When to Go to A Cosmetic Dentist

Any number of problems can cause you to seek cosmetic modifications for your smile. Some patients are bold enough to seek smile transformation procedures, encompassing multiple cosmetic procedures. Some of the factors that should prompt you to visit a cosmetic dentist near you are:

  • 1. Discolored teeth – stains on your teeth can be the sole reason you hold back your smile from the world. It is embarrassing to have stains on your teeth as they make people think you slack in your oral hygiene standards, which may not be the case.
  • 2. Cracks, chips, and breaks – teeth can have cracks or be broken for several reasons, including dental trauma and eating hard foods. If your front teeth have cracks and chips, you may need the help of a cosmetic dentist near you.
  • 3. Oddly shaped teeth – dentists in 77433 frequently meet patients whose teeth have unusual shapes. It could be due to developmental deformities, wearing out, or dental injuries. They are all treatable in cosmetic dentistry at Mirabella Smiles – Cypress, TX.
  • 4. Spaces between teeth – occur as an orthodontic problem that would require getting braces to close the space. However, a cosmetic dentist can use other alternatives to close small spaces between your teeth.
  • 5. Lost teeth – losing one or more of your natural teeth affects the aesthetics of your smile. Tooth replacement solutions can help restore the appearance of your smile along with the function of your mouth.