All-On-4 Dental Implants: Can Everyone Have Them?

If you are missing most of your upper and lower teeth, you may wonder whether all on 4 dental implants will be the best treatment for you. This treatment, which is an advanced system for tooth replacement, involves surgically implanting titanium posts into the jawbone for attaching dentures to give you teeth the same day.

When you schedule an appointment with all on 4 dental implants near Fairfield village, TX, your candidacy for the treatment will be determined by the knowledgeable professionals at this practice after an in-depth consultation. The all on 4 approaches to dental implants is streamlined and appealing to many patients desiring a convenient method of having dental implants inserted.

How Can You Qualify for This Treatment?

The all on 4 is a useful option requiring low maintenance for patients because the concern of undergoing continuous and expensive dental procedures to correct the damaged or missing teeth is eliminated. Patients can have the dental work completed in a single treatment with all on 4 dental implants near Katy, TX.

Two types of patients are suitable candidates for the all on 4 treatments. They are individuals who have lost all their teeth in a dental arch in the upper or lower jaw. Patients with some teeth remaining in their mouths but combating the problem of reduced functionality and pain are also suitable for the treatment.

The treatment is suitable for patients who do not have sufficient jawbone density for conventional dental implants because the all on 4 does not require dense bone for placing the implants.

How Will Your Candidacy Be Determined?

Dentists at all on 4 dental implants near Prairie View, TX, are committed to evaluating which procedure will provide the maximum benefits to you. To determine whether the all on 4 or any other treatment is best suited for your unique needs, your dentist will meet you for a consultation. Your medical and dental history will be reviewed by the dentist during the appointment while taking 2D and 3D x-ray images to verify the viability of your teeth and gums for placing the implant. You will be provided with samples in the format of a slideshow and encouraged to question the dentists to understand the details of the procedure thoroughly.

The Benefits of All on 4 Dental Implants

Many benefits come your way if you are suitable for the all on 4 technique over conventional dental implants. This treatment is the best available if you are looking for four essential components which are:

  • Functionality. The all on 4 procedure is an excellent option if you want your artificial teeth to function just like your original teeth. You get enhanced oral functionality with the added benefit of making you likely to smile and laugh because the worry of your teeth moving will no longer be bothering you. Additionally, your chewing ability will improve benefiting your overall health.
  • Longevity. As the all on 4 implants are reinforced with titanium, they allow decades of functionality, leaving you happy with your investment.
  • Comfort. Dentures retained by all on 4 dental implants are stable to allow a lifelike feel that is comfortable.
  • Aesthetics. If you want a complete and natural-looking smile, all on 4 treatment is the best for you despite having lost your natural teeth.

All the above and more will be available to you if you are considered suitable for the all on 4 dental implants near Fairfield village, TX.

If you are determined to restore your oral functionality and aesthetics, you should contact all on 4 dental implants in Cypress, TX, for a consultation. The all on 4 experts at this facility have provided many patients with highly successful implant procedures performed in-office and can help you to determine whether the all on 4 technique is the best choice for you to improve your smile.

A decade ago, most people were not aware of the all on 4 dental implant technique and had no alternative but to prefer traditional dental implants. Advances in dental technology and word of mouth has ensured patients are often requesting specifically for this treatment because it represents their best interests. Dentists experienced in this procedure explain that every case is different, and the need to evaluate a patient before recommending the all on 4 dental implant treatment is essential for best results.