6 Unexpected Benefits Of Straight Teeth

Everyone wishes to have a pearly while and flawless smile which can’t be accomplished without having straight teeth. Even your teeth whitening efforts will go in vain if your teeth are not straight enough

Here’s a look at some unexpected benefits of straight teeth:

Lowers Risk of Periodontal and Gum Disease

When you have straight teeth, the gums remain healthier. When the teeth alignment is proper, the gums fit better around each tooth which leaves lesser space for the bacteria to grow.

Better Breath

The improvement in oral hygiene without extra efforts keeps your breath clean and fresh. Inhibited bacterial growth does more than keep your odor under control.

Reduced Risk of Heart Disease, Stroke, Penumonia, and Diabetes

According to the American Dental Association, straight teeth and regular flossing and brushing can help in reducing the risk of serious health conditions such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and pneumonia. The dentists also acknowledge the fact that there is a correlation between gum health, tooth, and reduced risk of diseases. Whatever is the actual cause of correlation between straight, healthy teeth, and overall healthy body, it’s a fact that oral health has far-reaching benefits that you don’t expect.

Reduced Jaw Pain and Relief in TMJ Symptoms

Apart from straightening your teeth and making your smile look better, orthodontic care corrects bite issues. Right tooth alignment helps in reducing the strain on the facial muscles and jaw joints which reduces or eliminates the jaw pain and reduces the risk of developing TMJ syndrome. If your jaw hurts regularly, or if you are experiencing TMJ symptoms, orthodontic care can be a great option.

More youthful Appearance

Do you know that rightly aligned teeth will make you look younger? Misalignment affects the facial structure and causes you to look prematurely aged. Sunken cheeks, weaker chin, and other facial features around the mouth can lead to an aged look. Orthodontic care can help in correcting those features.

Better Performance at Work

With a brighter smile and more confidence, many people who receive orthodontic care find that they smile often and feel better about themselves.