5 Common Root Canal Myths

Have you been told you need a root canal? Worried your root canal may be painful? Have you heard that a root canal is only temporary? At MiraBella Smiles, we hear lots of dental myths on a daily basis, some of them quite harmless, while others can actually have a negative impact on patients. Today we are covering 5 common root canal myths and debunking them, follow along!

Only patients with tooth pain need a root canal.

Many people believe they are only having a problem if there is pain or discomfort, however with a decayed or damaged root canal, this isn’t the case. Once the tooth has died, it may have no feeling at all, however can still be a huge risk for infection.

Having a root canal is painful.

Have you heard that a root canal is painful? With advances in dentistry, root canals have become much more comfortable, quick and effective. Many patients report instant relief of uncomfortable and painful symptoms.

Root canals can cause illness.

Back in the 1920s, Dr. Weston A. Price started a campaign to promote tooth extractions, leading to a lot of false information about root canals causing illness, this however is completely FALSE. Root canals remove infection and bacteria, leaving the tooth healthier and at less risk for serious complications.

Root canal therapy is temporary.

As long as you go to a trusted dentist for your endodontic treatment, root canal therapy should last a lifetime. Those will ill-fitting crowns or those that opt to not receive a crown may be at higher risk of re-infection and the need for re-treatment.

Tooth extractions are a good alternative to root canal therapy.

This is just totally and completely false. Completely removing a tooth can actually increase your risk of complications such as tooth shifting, misalignment, infection and even tooth loss.

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