A perfect set of white teeth is an important part of any makeover and can change the look of any person. A white, flawless set of teeth flashed when you smile, makes a great impression not just socially, but also improves your self-confidence and image.and Dr. Marneni says few remedies, toothpastes and other dental products promise to make your teeth look white. This may be true but, the process can be tedious and time consuming. and Dr. Marneni, OakHeights family dental, Rowlett suggests today there are many simple and safe procedures available, which offer teeth whitening in quick time which is frequently used by many people. People believe that tooth enamel gets damaged due to the procedure of teeth whitening which is not at all true.
Dr. Marneni of OakHeights family Dental, Rowlett says the material available today to do the process of whitening is mild and it does not cause damage of tooth enamel. Teeth whitening procedure is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments in the city, but there are few things which make people worry to undergo this procedure. 
Dr. Marneni of OakHeights family dental, Rowlett discuss few things which patients need not worry about the process of teeth whitening. Whitening does not make teeth Sensitive: People think that whitening of teeth makes them more sensitive. Dr. Marneni, OakHeights family Dental, Rowlett Says, in case of few patients who already have a history of sensitive teeth, teeth may temporarily become sensitive during the process of whitening. However, OakHeights family dental, Rowlett has different gels that prevent the sensitivity during and after the treatment.  Sometimes some amount of sensitivity can occur, but the magnitude of this varies from person to person, which may just lasts for 24 to 48 hours. Also, OakHeights family dental, Rowlett will prescribe a desensitizing gel or mouthwash which will take care of it. After the procedure, you must follow the instructions that your OakHeights family dental, Rowlett dental team lists out for you. Whitening does not damages Enamel According to Dr. Marneni, OakHeights family dental, Rowlett teeth whitening do not harm the tooth enamel unless the wrong proportions of bleaching materials are used during the treatment. Usually the process is absolutely safe. Scientific studies have shown peroxide has been safe and effective in whitening teeth. The dental industry has used it for over 20 years during which much advancement has taken place, making the bleaching gel absolutely safe in terms of change or damage to the structure of teeth. At OakHeights family dental, Rowlett teeth whitening facilities use gels which assure customers of complete safety as it goes through rigorous testing procedures. Teeth whitening is not painful procedure usually teeth whitening treatments are safe and painless. But if bleaching agent touches the gums it might cause little discomfort. To avoid this OakHeights Family dental team applies a gel between the gums and teeth called gingival barrier which will prevent the solution from touching the gums. According to Dr. Dr. Marneni, in exceptional cases some patients may experience a minor ache in the first 10-12 hours following the treatment. To resolve this discomfort counter pain medication is done to Patient at OakHeights family dental, Rowlett . It’s a myth that teeth whitening causes mouth cancer. There is no scientific proof that teeth whiteners cause cancer. Visit Dentist for good results One can obtain a teeth whitening treatment without too much of a hassle at OakHeights family dental, Rowlett . All the therapists are well trained and have thorough knowledge about the science of teeth whitening. The treatments offered in OakHeights Family dental, Rowlett are quick and hassle free.  Dr. Marneni of OakHeights family dental, Rowlett also says that teeth whitening does not last forever, the teeth will gradually come back to its original shade within eight months to a year.

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