Tooth Extractions Rowlett & Garland:

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Tooth extractions are one of the most common procedures we perform.  If our dentists determine you need a tooth extraction it is usually due to a number of reasons:  One of the most common causes of needing a tooth extraction is due to severe decay caused by periodontal disease, or a tooth being broken so badly it can’t be repaired.  Another leading cause of dental extractions is the need to remove teeth because of crowding or poorly positioned teeth in the mouth, such as dental impactment or in preperation of orthodontic treatment.

In some cases the removal of a tooth can lead to other issues with chewing ability, jaw joint issues and shifting teeth.  All of these issues can be resolved and are important to fix for your overall dental health.  Our dentists will discuss options available to replace the extracted tooth at your appointment.

Tooth Extraction Process:

At the beginning of your tooth extraction appointment we will make sure you are good and numb so you are comfortable.  We will numb the tooth, jawbone and gums with a local anesthetic.  During the extraction process you will feel no pain just pressure.  This pressure is from rocking the tooth to widen it for the socket for removal. You will not feel any pain as the anestheti has numbed the nerves stopping the transfer of pain but the nerves that transmit pressure are unaffected by the anesthetic.

Sectioning of the Tooth

If your tooth is so firmly rooted in the socket sectioning of the tooth maybe necessary.  This procedure required the dentist to cut the tooth into sections then removing each section at a time.

If you are in the need of a tooth extraction call us today one of our dental specialists is standing by at 972-475-3429.